What Are Cutera Lasers and How Do They Work?

If you have ever considered what are cutera lasers, then you most likely have not. While the term may be new to you, it may not be if you have been around the industry for a while. These lasers are the cutting-edge tool that are available in the cosmetic surgery practice today, and they have proven to make a huge difference in the level of success that cosmetic surgeons have had when using them – most cosmetic surgeons will decide to buy and sell cutera lasers based on their durability and performance in the theatre.

What are Cricutters? These are laser ablations that have been specifically designed to be used on skin and muscle tissue. They are designed to work with a variety of skin types and different cosmetic surgeries and lifts. They are typically used to treat such areas as:

How do they work? This process begins by using a pulsed laser (like the beams from a computer) to heat up the tissue being treated. It is this heat that causes the cells to multiply, giving you the largest amount of tissue repair possible. The heat also allows the cells to repair themselves more quickly than the non-irradiated tissue surrounding them, giving you a boost in both the thickness of the skin and the speed at which the skin tissue repairs itself.

Why are cutera lasers better than other laser types? The biggest reason why these lasers are so effective is that they are able to work with a much wider range of skin types than other techniques. While other lasers will only work on a certain skin type or certain types of tissue, these are able to treat any area of the body that needs repair, even very dark areas. Many other techniques can not handle this type of range of skin tones or tissue types. For example, IPL and LASIK cannot work on very dark skin because it damages the patient’s vision.

Can you just place the laser on my face and be done with it? No, but these are much less risky than other methods. Many other procedures require general anesthesia and can cause swelling, bruising, and other complications. Cutting down on these risks dramatically allows doctors to give their patients much smoother results than they would without the use of what are called “mini scalpels”. These mini scalpels can be placed on any area of the face to slowly and safely lift and shape hair follicles over time.

How long does it take to see the full results of what are cutera lasers used on my face? This depends a great deal on the exact nature of the condition being treated. Some doctors may have to go back several times before they can finally get the camera to work properly on a patient.

Also, this will greatly depend on how many follicles are affected and how large they are. While some scarring can’t be completely removed with these lasers, most doctors can reduce the appearance of small scars, and they can even eliminate the need for sutures and other surgical tools.

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